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David Beckham I Will Quot Never Quot Be A Movie Star

. While living in Beverly Hillsand watches film at home with Tom Cruise and Katie Holme, football-star-turned-model swears he has no intention to join them on the big screen. Asked if he hopes to develop a career in film, fashion fan recently issued an emphatic denial. He said What Film Career December issue of British GQ. Never Say Never Except About That.
31.10.08 10:18

Britney Spears Quot Father Granted Control Of Affairs Court

The judge, Reva Goetz, has put the troubled star under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spear on 1 February after was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. The father of pop singer Britney Spear limit has been granted control over his personal and business by a court in Los Angeles, the judge said. The measure was extended until the end of this year and was extended indefinitely by the court on Tuesday, after a new hearing.
31.10.08 10:18

John Travolta Says He Won Quot T Reprise His Role For Hairspray Sequel Sharethis

Despite the success of the movie musical Hairspray, John Travolta revealed that won t join the cast of the movie sequel. Travolta, playing the role of Edna Turnblad, has been hailed by critics for his performance, while wearing a fat suit and cross-dressing for the role of Tracy Turnblad mother. Travolta said that he is not a fan followed, telling the Australia The Sunday Herald Sun, I Think Once In Enough I Did It And I Did It Well But Im Not A Big Sequel Guy.
31.10.08 10:18

Elton John Takes His Quot Red Piano Quot Out On Tour And Onto Disc

The international show, booked by Keith Bradley in London-based XXI Artists, follow today release of The Red Piano , an exclusive Best Buy two-DVD/two-CD available as to which standard definition and Blu-ray as a three-LP vinyl package. Beginning in November. Elton John celebrated Red Piano residence in Las Vegas was a monster hit, and now preparing for a trip around the world. The project features the 14-song performance of Red Piano and shows a documentary on its creation. 19 to Birmingham, England, Red Piano to play Liverpool and Manchester and has also affected Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway.
31.10.08 10:20

David Beckham Backed Food Brand Go3 Assigns Media Task

GO3 is set to launch a series of vitamins and food developed to encourage families to lead a healthy lifestyle at an affordable price.. GO3, a children range of foods which David Beckham is a brand ambassador, appointed Leeds agency Brilliant Media for its 5m media planning and buying account.
31.10.08 10:20


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